SCWA chair provides his version of events

The Southeastern Connecticut Water Authority was deemed qualified by Ledyard to provide all of the services required to operate that town's WPCA water system when that service was last put out to bid in 2010. The Ledyard WPCA system has been simplified significantly in the interim. Thus the statement, attributed of Mike Cherry in the article, "Ledyard ready to sign long-term water deal with Groton Utilities," (Feb. 15), that "SCWA doesn't have the capabilities to do what we require" in the coming years, is one we would certainly have taken exception to, if we had been contacted by your reporter.

I did not tell the Ledyard Town Council last week "that there could be a cheaper way to bring water to residents" as reported in The Day, rather I assured them that there was a reliable and more economical way to provide this service. In the end, a formal bid solicitation and objective review process is the only appropriate way to assess the relative merits of potential service providers.

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