Groton school budget deserving of support

The Groton Board of Education is requesting a 1.9 percent budget increase for 2014-2015. Last year, the budget was increased by 1.4 percent, but that was after cuts were made to staff, programs, supplies and extra-curricular programs; cuts which directly impacted our children. Over the past five years, despite the rising costs, the budget has only increased an average of 0.58 percent, with a zero percent increase three of those years. Thankfully, this year's budget has been prepared without layoffs, cuts to programs or increased class sizes.

Please consider writing to Town Council members and the RTM, asking them to approve the $1.4 million increase that the Groton Board of Education is requesting. It's important they hear the resounding voices of parents and the community speaking in support of Groton Public Schools. If the Groton community has placed schools as a top priority in its economic development plans, we must support the schools if we are to continue to be first-rate. Increased class sizes and the elimination of student programs will not attract families to Groton.

Board of Education documents are available at

Your message is powerful. You can make a difference.

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