Good fences make good neigh-bors

This is in response to the Supreme Court decision regarding the disposition of horses.

Why did you make such a decision? Don't horse owners have enough to worry about? Not only horse owners or keepers, but how about other animals that people own and care for?

We have to wonder about the motive of anyone coming on our property. Now my property will be cluttered with No Trespassing signs, Don't Feed the Horses signs, CAUTION - Electric Fence and warning lights. Pathetic!

What happened to common sense? There is none! Thanks to TV lawyers and politicians, they've driven this society into a "what's in it for me" society. Too much government in our lives, to much greed. Now I'm not building a fence to keep my horses in, I'm building a fence to keep people out!

If a horse owner has his horses behind a fence, obviously, he has taken reasonable precautions to prevent injury. The person entering the property of their own free will, is taking upon themselves the risk and responsibility for any possible injury that may occur. The animal owner should be free of any liability.

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