State grants to Preston to keep revenue steady

Preston — The last-minute revisions to the state budget that increased state grants to some towns will not change revenue figures for the town, as one grant increased by $1,100 and another dropped by the same amount, the Board of Selectmen learned Thursday.

But the town coffers could soon get a boost from another source.

Superintendent John Welch said the town qualifies for $225,734 in reimbursement for school security improvements completed this year. Welch said Thursday the town should receive the funding “on or about” July 1.

The Board of Education spent $415,792 to upgrade security at the town’s two schools — including new security entrances, improved cameras and intercom system and window coatings — using projected surplus money in last year’s school budget.

But Welch said the state reimbursement money will go directly to the town’s general fund.

Welch said town Finance Director Greg Schuyler will file the town’s application for the grant next week and school officials have been “in close communication” with state officials overseeing the grant.


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