'Click it' is really about raising money

Every year the state implements a "click it or ticket" program in the hopes of making us aware of the dangers of driving without a seat belt. What they need to do is call it what it is and understand that while, maybe, the intentions are good, it's not about safety at all. What it's really about is creating a once a year windfall of revenue for the state. It's a way to generate quick funds to replenish its budget.

If it really was about safety on the roads, then why are motorcyclists allowed to ride without helmets? Isn't a person inside a car surrounded by steel and protected by air bags that will deploy in an accident far safer than a person surrounded by nothing and having to face an abundance of obstacles that could cause a crash at any moment?

One could respect the lawmakers more if they would just once call it what it is. I have no doubt seat belts save lives, that's not the argument here. The argument is the state saying its about saving lives when really it's about just generating revenue. Take your seat belts off, the state needs money.

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