Stop adding windmills, instead go nuclear

President Obama in his quest for energy independence wants to impose a rule that would allow windmill operation for 30 years and with thousands of windmill generators planned it may well cause the death of thousands more golden and bald eagles and millions of migrating bats, so essential to our agriculture industry and Mexico and South America's rich guano fertilizer business.

This has put President Obama at odds with environmentalists.

Now how necessary are windmill generators in the total energy mix? How essential are raptors such as golden and bald eagles and bats to our well being?

Fortunately the Bats and Wind Energy Cooperative was formed in 2004. Together with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Department of Energy, it has been provided some research funds, but no viable solution has been found.

Having worked on nuclear submarines for 34 years I am acutely aware of the advantages of it. Nuclear power is being neglected by the United States. Wouldn't it be prudent to consider using more nuclear power instead of windmills?

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