UPDATED: Feds cite both Millstone units for 3 minor safety violations

Waterford – The Millstone Power Station has undertaken corrective actions on three safety violations found by Nuclear Regulatory Commission inspection and announced in a report released today.

The NRC said the three findings were all of “very low safety significance.”

Two of the violations were at the Unit 2 reactor and involved safety procedures during the refueling outage in April. A worker replacing a valve during the outage failed to wear a respirator to protect against radiation exposure, the NRC said. Ken Holt, Millstone spokesman, said the situation has been corrected.

The second violation at Unit 2 occurred when resident inspectors at the plant found that the methods for verifying cooling water levels during the outage were inadequate, Holt said. Steps have been taken so that situation will not happen again, he said.

The third violation affected both Unit 2 and Unit 3. The resident inspectors found that the plants did not have a way to determine the temperature of cooling water in the reactors when the plants are shut down and the water level drops below the height of temperature gauges during routine maintenance. Holt said that in response, Millstone staff have developed an alternative means to determine the water temperature.

“We take every finding of the NRC seriously,” Holt said. “All three violations are in the corrective action program and are in various stages of correction.”


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