Compassion for Gazans was sadly misplaced

The compassion of the writer of the Aug. 9 letter, "U.S. military aid to Israel must stop," is commendable but quite misplaced. The real enemy of her Palestinian friends is not Israel, but Hamas. It cynically and recklessly stores rockets and missiles in homes, schools, mosques and hospitals, and fires those indiscriminately, from close proximity, towards Israel.

Many of those projectiles, moreover, land in Gaza, wreaking death and destruction. When responding, Israel tries to warn Gazans by dropping leaflets, making robo-calls and using dummy shell rooftop "knocks" before actual attacks. Hamas' response is to order civilians not to heed those warnings, but to remain as human shields for its weapons and fighters. When the inevitable deaths and injuries ensue, Hamas-directed media post those grisly photos and heart-wrenching reports that rapidly travel around the world.

While the United States does provide military aid to Israel, it's not fully appreciated that, by continuing aid to the Palestinian Authority "unity" government, which includes Hamas, it is also unwittingly, and contrary to U.S. law, supporting terrorism. Unless, and until, that "unity" government dissolves, all U.S. aid to the Palestinian Authority should be suspended.

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