As always, bet on NL to make wrong choice

The letter, "Move CG Museum site, use tax money wisely," (Aug. 22), makes perfect sense, which is why it is destined to be ignored. The museum will surely be crammed across the tracks; traffic on State Street will coagulate, and the proprietor of that ugly parking condominium will be raking in money at a rapacious rate.

Fort Trumbull is the appropriate site for the museum. The Coast Guard's ties to the fort are of ancient date. There are relics there that attest to that fact. And Fort Trumbull is accessible. It affords ample parking and an entrancing view of the Thames, that tidal stream that has inspired generations of rovers to set boldly out to sea.

So of course, the makers and shakers of what's left of New London will pursue the $20 million option. After all, look what happened when the Coast Guard offered to buy one half of that wretched wreck of that neglected city park. And while you're looking, cast a glance at the handsome grounds of the Coast Guard Academy, and heave a sigh for what might have been.

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