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Dr. I feels the need to vent

Idle Thoughts, while waiting for New London to find another "doctor," Bob Diaco to stop playing musical quarterbacks and for the Patriots to beat the Giants once in a while:

• Dr. Idle, Dr. I to his close friends, begins with a doozy this week.

Seems a local establishment in Waterford offered a "viewing party" for some parents whose kids were playing in the Babe Ruth World Series. The parents couldn't make the trip. Games were streamed on the Internet. Next best thing. Watch together.

Spies say the party became a festival of parental sniping and broke up early, after some poor Waterford kid made an error.

Don't ever change, Waterford.

Don't ever change.

Turns out Dr. I's pal Jim O'Neill is right again. He said once: "Youth sports exist to keep the parents off the streets."

• So let's see if Dr. I has this right:

The Ice Bucket Challenge raises more than $100 million for ALS Research.

Athletes, celebrities and regular Janes and Joes all participate in one of the most inspiring, inclusive stories ever.

And then the Catholic Church chimes in, discouraging the Ice Bucket Challenge because ALS research "conflicts with church teachings by funding embryonic stem-cell research."

Note to the Catholic Church: When Dr. I wants your opinion, he'll ask.

When people and their families affected by ALS want your opinion, they'll ask.

• News item: Mystic's 13-year-old Babe Ruth baseball team played in a different tournament and never got a chance to play Waterford, which made the World Series.

Hence, this public service announcement for the 06385 zip code from Tom Taber in Mystic.

"Tell those people in Waterford our 13-year-olds would have kicked their (butts)."


Shots fired.

• Congrats to the great Chiney Ogwumike, the WNBA Rookie of the Year.

Love that kid.

• They used to play "Welcome to the Jungle" at Rentschler Field to fire up the crowd when UConn's opponent was facing third down.

This year, they are playing what purports to be a forest animal growling.

Sounds like static.

Or as The Day's Ned Griffen said, "it sounds like (late, great WFAN caller) Doris from Rego Park."

• So how are the Red Sox doing so far this year?

• Tremendous effort by ESPN the other day, digging into Michael Sam's showering habits.

Terribly relevant.

And somewhere, Cronkite weeps.

• If actress Liv Tyler married UConn linebacker Marquise Vann, divorced him for former Dallas Cowboy Leon Lett and then finally settled on former Auburn football coach Pat Dye, that would make her a Paul McCartney and Wings song title.

(Liv Vann Lett Dye).

• Dr. I doesn't get this new UConn football slogan "Rise Up."

It's pretty hard to "Rise Down."

Seems that "Rise" would have been sufficient.

• Kudos to the great Joe D'Ambrosio, UConn's play-by-play voice for two decades now.

Poor Joe D had to navigate the names of Brigham Young on Friday night: Teu Kautai, Sae Tautu, Jherremya Leuta-Douyere, Ului Lapuaho, Bronson Kaufisi.

• Dr. I will weep the day Jeter leaves.

But he's got to stop hitting second.

Either that or change his uniform number to 6-4-3.

This is the opinion of Day sports columnist Mike DiMauro.

Twitter: @BCgenius


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