Obama earned Giuliani's assessment

Mayor Rudy Giuliani's statement, does "President Obama love America?" seems to be a fair question. Would a president that loves his country exempt five million aliens who are here illegally without securing the southern border? Would he sign a nuclear treaty with Iran without a guarantee regarding the production of nuclear weapons? Would he fail to provide the leadership desperately needed to defeat terror regardless of the name he chooses to call it? And would he be constantly demeaning about the exceptional nature of our Republic?

As the richest most powerful nation in the world, our friends and enemies respond to our action or inaction. What's coming out of Washington now reminds me of how the government treated American Indians at the last great gathering of free plains tribes in 1867 at Medicine Creek Lodge in Kansas. One chief's reply for them to give up their way of life and live on reservations was this: "Your words are like sand. They hurt my heart and my head. They make no sense. I shall live like I always have until I don't."

How will this nation respond?

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