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What's next, Day? Dig up those Confederate soldiers, too?

I read with interest your editorial, “Rally 'round the flag-lowering,” (July 11), about removing most, if not all, Confederate statutes from around the country, renaming military installations and, it seems, anything else you could think of in an attempt to change American history regarding the Civil War.

However, I think you may have forgotten a few things. Perhaps you may want to advocate relocating the Confederate soldiers interred at Arlington and Gettysburg National Cemetery's. Both of these hallowed grounds were for Union soldiers after all. Of course you would also have to remove the Confederate monuments from both places also. Yes, Confederate monuments stand at both of these cherished places.

The Civil War is part of the history of this great country of ours. This history includes its statues and monuments of the past. They are to be looked at as just that, history. Maybe you should stop trying to obliterate what is American History and move along into the future. 

Eric Pelish


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