Dump Groton incumbents, choose effective leaders

Representatives John Scott and Aundre Bumgardner are simply not doing the job they signed on to do. 

Under their failed leadership, state funding for Groton public education has suffered greatly. Both Scott and Bumgardner promised to upgrade Groton schools and correct racial imbalance. Instead they dropped the ball, and failed to obtain legislation increasing school construction cost by $30 million to the local taxpayer. The problems plaguing Groton continue. 

In order to further their own political and financial interests, they have continually blamed others for the state's troubles and have voted against compromises. Instead of simply getting the job done, they resorted to political grandstanding. 

Had they been able to work across the aisle, as our democratic system demands, and stop faulting others, Groton would have received its fair share. 

Christine Conley is an experienced lawyer who knows how to negotiate and advocate for Groton. She's a member of the Groton RTM and understands working with others to find solutions. The same can be said of Groton Town Councilor Joe de la Cruz, who co-founded Community Speaks Out, a nonprofit organization offering support for families facing addition. 

Vote for Conley and de la Cruz. They will be effective voices for the people of Groton and New London.

John Wirzbicki


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