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Blumenthal ignores indians, helps Stonington rich

I was amused while reading the article, “Blumenthal: Amtrak president commits to working to reduce noise issues in Stonington,” (Feb. 18), in which Senator Blumenthal is putting pressure on Amtrak to reduce the noise in Stonington for all of the rich people who live there.

Then I was upset thinking about the poor American Indians that live on the Eastern Pequot Reservation who cannot get assistance with repair or new construction of a home because Blumenthal took that away from them by filing a lawsuit against their recognition. As an American Indian and also a Democrat, I do not resent the rich people in Stonington having their concerns on the noise in their community addressed, but I do resent Blumenthal discriminating against the poor American Indians who cannot get any help from him or Sen. Chris Murphy or Rep. Joe Courtney on a reservation that dates back to the 1600s.

Maybe the rich people should check the insulation in the old multimillion dollar houses and save these federal funds so the senator can do something for the Eastern Pequots before one of them freezes to death!

Leon Jacobs


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