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Democrats have opening to repair Obamacare

Now that Republicans have deserted their plan to replace the Affordable Care Act, Democrats have an opportunity to turn “repeal and replace” into “retain and repair.” Harold Pollack, in “,” offers what might be a sellable package: “Three Ideas to Strengthen The ACA”

1) “Congress should give employers greater flexibility to offer or not coverage, while allowing workers corresponding flexibility to obtain coverage on the new marketplaces with the same subsidies as other Americans who have the same taxable incomes.”

Relieving the employer mandate will help companies financially, give workers more choices.

2) “Hire a new corps of 10,000 full-time federal enrollment assisters to help Americans enroll in Medicaid or the new marketplaces.”

Shopping for insurance is complicated, help would increase participation.

3) "Offer public option early Medicare coverage within health insurance marketplaces to people over 60."

As competition among insurers diminishes, a public option is needed. Since ACA is the law, a debate on the public option can be conducted without past political constraint.

Whatever the plan, the point is House Democrats have a chance to fill the Republican leadership vacuum. And should immediately!

Charles Harding


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