If you would serve New London

On July 25, members of the New London Democratic Town Committee will meet and decide on the next slate of candidates for the coming November election. As a former member unable to attend, I would like to remind those stepping forward to serve again, and those about to serve for the first time, of the following: 

You are to follow the charter of the City of New London in all your decisions. 

You represent the entire community, not just the special interests that visit you in Council chambers. 

Your role is that of management, not labor. In other words, you represent the fiscal stakeholders in our community, namely the taxpayers. 

The last point is an important distinction. Management does not hold a labor rally in front of City Hall. Management does not pass along a 9.4 percent tax increase to the community. Management does not resign itself to "looking for loose change in the sofa" in order to pay the bills that keep us going. Management leads by making decisions that spread the burden as evenly as possible. 

In November, voters will go to the polls not to elect shop stewards but to elect managers. The Town Committee needs to recognize this or face significant losses come Election Day.

Bill Morse

New London

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