NFA is surely not broken, so leave it be

The article, “NFA touts legislative victory,” (Nov. 4), was indeed an excellent review of the school's successful accomplishments in maintaining the over 150 years of operating the school's budget to influence successful student participation and achievements. A short visit to this campus can only impress one in its capabilities and success. The addition of eight municipalities to effect or influence the educational experience of students surely would have been a major problem in the function of the school in many ways.

Noted in the article, NFA in this year alone has contributed $397,305 in direct support to academic programs and $390,000 to 325 students in this school year. Not sure that additional members effecting the NFA budget reviews by law would be any improvement to the students or the management of the facility based on the past experience of excellence. The large number of alumni that participated for the positive results in this program is indicative of the fundamentals associated with NFA responsibilities. The state representatives were correct in not approving this proposal. 

Donald E. Leone Sr.


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