Jerry Seinfeld plays Foxwoods on Saturday

Jerry Seinfeld (Photo by Brent N. Clarke/Invision/AP)
Jerry Seinfeld (Photo by Brent N. Clarke/Invision/AP)

You never know what famous fans will come out of the celebrity woodwork to interact with Jerry Seinfeld.

You had, of course, that infamous Kesha incident in June where he didn’t know who the singer was when she approached him on a red carpet. She asked to hug him, and he, with a hand raised to ward her off, replied, “No, thanks.”

And now famously cranky rock frontman and former Oasis singer Liam Gallagher waxed rhapsodic to Rolling Stone about his wife Sara’s surprise gift for his recent birthday: a trip to see Seinfeld in concert in New York City and then a chance to meet Jer backstage.

Yes, Gallagher, who seems to dislike everyone, loves Seinfeld.

He told RS about the show, “The funniest thing ever, one of the greatest nights. I'm crying laughing. It's unbelievable.”

His wife arranged a meeting with Jerry … but Jerry didn’t seem to know about it, in an absolutely Seinfeldian way. Gallagher recalls Seinfeld’s wife “went, “Jerry, this is the guy from London. It's his birthday! I told you!’ Jerry's going, ‘I don't think you did.’ She goes, ‘Jerry, I told you – it's his birthday!’ He was going, ‘No, you didn't tell me. I said to Sara, ‘We're in a scene from ‘Seinfeld.’”

They did end up chatting for ¾ of an hour during which, the singer says, Seinfeld “pretended he knew who I was” — and Gallagher didn’t care either way.

So here’s the thing: if someone as eternally critical as Liam Gallagher thought that seeing Seinfeld onstage was “the funniest thing ever,” you KNOW it’s got to be good. Which brings us to the fact that Seinfeld is performing Saturday at Foxwoods. Go and enjoy. It’ll be like seeing, um, a champagne supernova.

Jerry Seinfeld, 8 p.m. Saturday, Foxwoods’ Grand Theater; $82.50-$150; 1-800-200-2882.


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