Shadow Witch heads hard rock/metal bill Saturday at Strange Brew

If you see that a band called Shadow Witch has titled an album "Disciples of the Crow," it's pretty simple to predict what kind of music you're NOT going to hear. For example:

1. The sort of lullabies played over the hospital sound system when a new baby is born

2. Scottish folk jigs

3. Emanating softly while the massage therapist works on your back

On the other hand, it'd be pretty fun if, at the next wedding reception you attend, the bride and her father do that "first dance" thing to Shadow Witch's "Reap," which is just one of eight mostly excellent tracks on "Disciples of the Crow." The record's riffs are too fluid and too quick for pure stoner rock, and the melodies and harmonies too memorable for screeched devil metal.  Make no mistake, though, Shadow Witch make great, murky, dark rock music. See them Saturday in Norwich at the Strange Brew Pub a part of a bill featuring similarly fine acts Red Mantis, Owl Maker, and Pinto Graham.

Shadow Witch, 8 p.m. Saturday, Strange Brew Pub, 86 Water St., Norwich; $10; (860) 222-8350.


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