Please don't restructure Norwich Public Schools

I want to address the Norwich Board of Education. My child is enrolled in the Norwich Public School system. Typically, I don't have very many derogatory things to say because I can only imagine how hard it is to do your jobs and to be a teacher or administrator with opinions coming from all sides. The majority of you care a lot. What concerns me about the proposed restructuring is the lack of consistency. By the time my child is in high school, we would have been through five different schools in one district. That is unacceptable.

It is a complete disregard for the importance of continuity and consistency in education. Something children, especially those with special education needs, desperately require. These are their formative years. I can't imagine what it takes to try to run schools on a budget, but I do know that when I need to stay within my means, I look at trimming away the things I don't need. That doesn't include teachers. Take a good look at excess administration positions, certain salaries and additional cost-cutting measures because I can't fathom having a child who will be attending five different schools and I haven't left town at any point. Please reconsider this proposal.

Jessica O’Brien


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