Property Transactions February 23, 2018


105 Cemetery Rd:

Gagnon, Anthony T & Wells Fargo Bank NA to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $131,040.

49 Ayers Dr:

Macdonald, Lori L & Macdonald, Michael J to Hill, Kyle J, $190,000.

573 S Canterbury Rd:

Campbell Drive LLC to Caswell, Kevin, $190,000.

68 Depot Rd:

Tronier, John R & Tronier, Donna M to Calle, German, $50,000.

S Canterbury Rd:

Park L Judy Est & Kirker, James M to Kudla, Andrew W & Kudla, Jessica L, $65,000.


19 Miller Rd:

Bank Of America NA to Duffy, Benjamin C, $127,050.

140 Shadbush Dr:

Krockomberger, Andrew T & Krockomberger, Sherrie to Gallant, Shaun L & Gallant, Elizabeth A, $399,900.

212 Cabin Rd:

Carson, Coit M & Carson, Rebecca to Murphy, Tracey, $231,000.

42 Skinner Rd:

Samucelli LLC to Savage, Megan, $197,000.


13 Burton Rd:

Dupont, Theodore V & Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, $32,000.

68 Rill Brook Rd:

Marsh, Daniel F & Marsh, Michelle L to Cabana, Rebecca, $250,000.

15-17 Lincoln Sq:

USA HUD to Walker, Richard, $78,000.


101 Thames St:

Berube, Thomas W & Berbue, Helen L to Ace Realty Holdings LLC, $325,000.

113 Sharon Rd:

Donath, Allyn B & Donath, Timothy R to Flavin, James F & Flavin, Kathleen, $236,000.

87 Ocean View Ave:

Goodman, Eric & Ursprung, Bradley to Maliniak, Mark E & Kissell, Allison L, $420,500.

38 Walter Fish Ave:

Lamont, A Colin & Lamont, Donna M to Lamb, Stephen R & Lamb, Johanna C, $235,000.

27 Potter St:

Avery, Latham & Avery, Beth to Goodman, James L & Goodman, Deanna M, $745,000.

9 Rowland St:

Ross N Williams RET & Wiliams, Paul N to Goodman, Eric, $265,000.

584 Shennecossett Rd #E:

Perkins, Roy T to Holloman, Chrystina J, $103,000.


27 Hemlock Cir:

Diggs, Norman & Diggs, Sandie L to Perkins, Gene K, $215,000.

28 Laurel Leaf Dr:

Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc to Johnson, David & Johnson, Marie, $122,000.


61 Dydo Dr:

Carrington Mortgage Svcs to Prime Properties Norwich, $105,000.

Fawns View Rd:

TT Land Investments LLC to Gianacopolos, Athena K, $115,000.

100 Chapel Hill Rd:

Eldridge, Laura M to Donovan, Patrick A & Guzman, Alexandra, $198,000.


Main St:

5 Norwich Woods LLC to Norwich Woods LLC, $3,920,000.

92 North St:

Miller, David to Llactas-Llano, Yesenia I & Llactas, Niko V, $135,000.

27 Sholes Ave:

Ali, Tariq to Dyer, Garrett & Dyer, Courtney, $189,000.

21 Berkeley Rd:

Casa Nova Designs LLC to Tolman, Robby W, $60,000.

19 Town St:

Mcgill Realty LLC to Lessenger, Kurt L & Lessenger, Ann R, $465,000.

34 Ford Ave:

Deleon, Edwin to Crocker, Kim Marie, $189,000.

23 Williams St:

RNG Investments LLC to Ardent Ventures LLC, $63,000.

11 Surrey Ln:

US Bank NA Tr to Kwok, Yuk C, $87,000.

91 Sherwood Ln:

Jiang, Yue J to Chan, Michael T, $170,000.

58 Ridgewood Dr:

Orzechowski, Richard T & Orzechowski, Susan M to Gresh, Stanley M & Gresh, Susan L, $165,500.

578 E Main St:

Peretti, Joseph P & Peretti, Karen to East Coast Flips LLC, $55,500.

94 Prospect St:

Bank Of America NA to Nazario, Estefania, $44,000.

17 Buckingham Ave:

USA HUD to Handy, Timothy A, $60,100.

Old Lyme

15 Wood Ridge Hills Rd:

Mckenna, Alice R to Colvin, Roger, $305,200.

17 Sargent Rd:

Buchanan, Wayne R to Behan, James M, $385,000.


Ward, James F & Ward, Sheila M to Badolato, Frank & Badolato, Julie, $215,000.


Leyko, Elizabeth A to Leyko, Elizabeth A, $285,000.


286 Dow Rd:

GC Holdings LLC to Robbins, David A, $197,000.

100 Flat Rock Rd:

Rose, Kyle A & Rose, Nicole T to Freeman, David R & Freeman, Miranda L, $380,000.

436 Putnam Rd:

Demuth, Esther J to Demuth, Michael, $115,000.

199 Colonial Rd:

KEJ Realty LLC to Dewolfe, Melinda P, $163,000.

398 Moosup Pond Rd:

Freeman, David R & Freeman, Miranda L to Taylor, Kyle E & Irons, Danna, $202,000.

89 Salisbury Ave:

Deutsche Bank Natl T Co to Sammyreport Inc, $71,000.

43 Highland Street Ext:

Evans, Allison L to Holt, Brandon & Holt, Melissa, $170,000.

419 Pond Hill Rd:

Smith, Robert J & Smith, Lauri R to Smith, Paul M & Smith, Leslie A, $275,000.


7 Babcock Rd:

MTGLQ Investors LP to TMC Keywest LLC, $115,000.

37 Church St:

Burlingame, Stephen J to Stangeland, Benjamin E, $175,000.

85 Church St:

Matteau, Richard & Matteau, Robert to Younas, Rizwan, $153,500.

7 Grove St:

USA HUD to DasChagas-Nascimento, J A, $52,000.

95 Saw Mill Hill Rd:

Souksavath, Chansy to Dirocco, Rocco D, $258,000.

70 Sterling Rd:

Ferragatta, Peter to Roy, Glynn & Roy, Tammy, $65,000.

276 Valley View Rd:

Mitchell, John to Mitchell, Christopher, $120,000.

222 Harris Rd:

Deutsche Bank Natl T Co to Leduc, Stephanie & Greene, Taylor, $156,004.

202 Gibson Hill Rd:

Downey, Joseph H & Downey, Robin S to Lemire, Alan A, $253,500.

48 Brookstone Dr:

Fontenault, Melodie D to Sklarz, Adam & Sklarz, Sheri, $285,000.


Forest Rd:

Schindler, Susan & Schindler, Susan B to Bradford, William T, $104,500.

Main St:

Biggs, Julie B to Siebert, Edwin, $110,000.

Canber Ct:

Oneillsally P Est & Oneill, Timothy P to Lindblad, Paul & Lindblad, Martha, $365,000.

10 Meadowbrook Ln:

FNMA to Jendraszek, Brian, $82,000.

2 Aimee Dr:

Bessette, Robert J & Bessette, Marianne K to Donahue, Colin T, $266,900.

10 Black Duck Rd:

Oakes, Bruce B & Oakes, Jillian B to Scala, Robert B & Scala, Christina M, $550,000.


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