Bozrah should follow Ledyard's lead on ambulance service

Recently there was an article, “Ledyard to replace volunteer squad with American Ambulance,” (May 15), about Ledyard ambulance service. Ledyard, with approximately 15,000 residents, received a proposal from American Ambulance for service at a cost of $75,000. Bozrah, population approximately 2,300, is seeking to add paid personnel to cover ambulance service at a cost of over $100,000. This figure does not include workers’ compensation, withholding tax, social security, pension, etc. or even the cost of the ambulance.

Almost all towns with volunteer emergency personnel are experiencing a shortage of volunteers. Ambulance service requires many hours of training in addition to what is already needed for fire duty. Perhaps if other towns sought out ambulance service while maintaining only the firefighting, the number of hours demanded of volunterers would be less and more may volunteer.

Until the Bozrah Volunteer Fire Company can produce detailed bids for service, the voters should oppose the budget being presented. Petitions are being circulated for signatures to require a referendum, but then voters must turn out to vote and vote down this obscene budget.

If Ledyard can receive service for $75,000, why should Bozrah pay over $100,000 for personnel and how much more for an ambulance every few years?

Please sign the petition. 

Linda Adelman


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