State Sen. Heather Somers rises above the partisan politics

State Sen. Heather Somers has shown leadership on school safety and mental health issues. 

As a parent of two, I care deeply about keeping our schools and communities safe. That’s why I want to recognize Somers for her leadership in protecting our schools, improving safety in our communities and tackling mental the health crisis. 

Heather supports a plan to redirect funds from state financing of political campaigns and put it into greater funding for school resource officers, and advocates for a proposal to put a mental health worker in every school. 

Heather successfully passed legislation to expand tele-health solutions for mental health treatment. 

She exposed abuse at a state-run mental health facility and then led the charge for reform. Heather supports changes to the state background check system to cover mental health, without compromising patient privacy. 

And despite politicization of the issue from Democrats, Heather supported a plan to prohibit the sale or creation of bump stocks that was constitutional. 

In these uncertain times, we need to stand behind leaders who put results above partisan politics. Heather Somers has demonstrated she is an independent voice and an innovative leader on safety and mental health. She has my vote Nov. 6.

Taylor Salva



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