Counting the days until Trump is gone

There is a wise saying − “I know what I don’t know” − that definitely does not define President Trump. He says he knows more about the military than our generals, and that raking forest leaves might have spared California the devastation from fires that have scarred the state. 

Now, after four years of research by 13 government agencies and 300 scientists, we have a report about the economic and social catastrophes that await the next generations if we don’t seriously begin to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. Trump doesn’t believe it!

Our country is no longer involved with the Paris Accords that most of the world's countries have joined to find solutions to what awaits our poor world. Arrogance and ignorance have propelled him each time. 

The Republican Party, now called Trump’s lackeys, have done nothing to stop him. Members have put personal ambition and party loyalty above country. How fortunate that they have lost the House of Representatives and that, hopefully, we must endure only two more years with this embarrassment that is our president. 

Bernice Krantz



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