RI jam band Green Tea plays Strange Brew Pub Saturday

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"Dark Star" by the Grateful Dead is a song consisting of the chords A, G and, every once in a while, Asus4. On May 11, 1972,  the Dead played "Dark Star" for  47 minutes, which is a LOT of A, G and Asus4, and that the band could do so in a fashion sufficiently mesmeric and transporting to their acolytes indicates the power of "jamming" — at least in the right musical hands.

In that spirit, jam bands have since been trying to achieve a similar level of sonic ascension — each song or each time on stage is sort of a harmonic quest for enlightenment, and the journey alone is often worth the experience.

It might be rewarding, then, to visit the Strange Brew Pub in Norwich on Saturday when Green Tea, one of Rhody's premiere jam acts, performs. I think you can count on a subliminal supply of suspended chords and blissful excursions.

Green Tea, 9 p.m. Saturday, Strange Brew Pub, 86 Water St., Norwich; $5; (860) 222-8350.


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