Rules of the road have gone the way of the Studebaker

Society is in overdrive. Are people so used to doing things their own way, driving included, that "Wrong Way" signs are obsolete? The difference between what's taught in driver education classes and what actual reality is on our roads is frightening. If photo speed enforcement ticketing isn't the answer for public safety and revenue, maybe "Dead End" signs could be placed at confusing on-ramps. Many four-cylinder cars today have more horsepower and torque than the big block engines of the past without fuel injection.

Now there's a racing game everyone can play before and after work, using motorists traveling anywhere near the speed limit as obstacles. Troopers shouldn't have to approach these vehicles and put their lives at risk, but for now that's what we've got and it works as well as it can.

What used to be the rules of the road has been humanly rewritten as “my way to get there fast.” It's amazing there aren't even more reckless driving results, which certainly should never be called accidents.

James Lindsay



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