Speak up, demand Coast Guard Museum built elsewhere

The juxtaposition of articles with pictures on the front page of a recent paper has solidified my thinking that the proposed Coast Guard Museum belongs at Fort Trumbull rather than downtown. Ever since I saw the latest rendering, I have been aghast that a "Sydney Opera House-type" building would be squeezed into that tiny waterfront parcel, completely overshadowing our magnificent railroad station. As someone who rides the buses and Shoreline East trains on a regular basis, I marvel at the network of transportation offerings serviced by this area. I cannot imagine adding anything else. 

I urge Sue Curtin and the other board members to reconsider the location. There may be issues to address with construction at Fort Trumbull, but I believe they would be molehills compared to the mountain of troubles that would occur with such a massive undertaking disrupting a smoothly running transportation hub, to say nothing of downtown New London as a whole. I believe many people are as opposed to this location, as I am, but I fear they have not taken it as a given yet or they feel that there is still time to protest.

I say the time is now!

Katharine Hill

New London


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