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Media only calls out right-wing rioters, calls left-wing riots 'mostly peaceful'

If the left-wing had the moral high ground after the debacle at the Capitol, they ceded it at warp speed. Why wasn't the left-wing and the fake-news media similarly appalled by the far-worse riots caused by Antifa groups and during some Black Lives Matter demonstrations? The left-wing riots involved arson, looting, tearing down 100-year-old statues and assaulting police officers all summer long.

The media's selective standards are anything but subtle. When riots were not conspicuously ignored, they were actually defended as "mostly peaceful." MSNBC "journalist" Ali Velshi comically defended a Minneapolis mob as "not generally unruly" even while a building burned out of control behind him.

The Left wants to try to impeach President Donald Trump yet again on more meritless charges while real concerns about their own incoming president are swept under the carpet. Worst of all is the media's deafening silence as Big Brother's lieutenants in the private sector such as Amazon and Twitter are pulling down individual accounts, nuking websites like Parler and shutting down internet server clients associated with raising money for conservative causes.

Ironically, even while Amazon clamps down on free speech, George Orwell's "1984" is a top seller, again.

John R. McCommas




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