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Americans need to be more welcoming of immigrants

Tom Sullivan's article explained that the media does not understand the conditions in third-world countries as they report on the border crisis. As an adoptive parent of a child from Haiti, I understand somewhat the reality of life in an undeveloped country after two weeklong trips to Haiti, and by stories from my son, who was 10 when he arrived in America.

Conditions at the border may seem deplorable to us, yet reporters fail to realize that daily life as usual for these immigrants is beyond our imagination. Just having access to clean water and food is a huge step above the norm. I watched the news reports after the Haiti earthquake and saw lines of people waiting for food and water. What people did not know was that before the earthquake it was like that, too. The hardships in these countries have to be seen and experienced to comprehend.

Tom shares a commonsense approach. Practical solutions help people stay in their own communities and thrive. But we also need young people from other countries to join our workforce as our birth rate is low. Many wonderful people can bless our country if they are welcomed.

Elaine C. Carlson

North Stonington



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