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Opposition is 'end run' around zoning process

I support the revitalization of Downtown Pawcatuck and therefore urge my fellow Stonington residents to reaffirm the favorable resolution at the Town Meeting on Campbell Grain Project by voting "No" to the misguided attempt to overturn the meeting vote. The project has been vetted by and approved by our Planning and Zoning Commission and is enthusiastically supported by our Economic Development Commission.

I respect folks' right to have different opinions on a project but clearly the opposition is not simply against the same type of tax abatement provided Perkins Farm; rather, this is an end run around the zoning process to block an approved project. The question voters should consider is what kind of a downtown do they want, the one with two acres of prime real estate continuing to be vacant for who knows how long, or quality housing, jobs and economic stimulation which has convinced the Board of Selectmen, Planning and Zoning Commission and Economic Development Commission that this project is crucial for the revitalization of Pawcatuck's core business district.

Help create the vibrant activity we are seeing in Westerly across the river in Pawcatuck by saying "No" to this effort to derail a necessary project.

Kathy Brown




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