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Always respect our veterans

I am a veteran, but this is totally not about me. I was traveling to a local business in Westerly on Veterans Day when I came upon a man sprawled out on the sidewalk, hands above his head and laying on his back. I had to stop as this just was not something normal. I got out of my truck and approached the individual and noticed he was wearing an Air Force Veteran sweatshirt. Another resident (actually, two women) that had driven passed him, turned around and pulled up behind him. As I spoke with the fellow veteran, he seemed distraught but was very excited when I offered to walk him home. Moments later, two officers from the Westerly Police Department showed up.

With complete respect for the veteran, they escorted him home after making sure he was ok. I just want to thank them as well as the other two women I previously mentioned that actually summoned the police. Thank you for your sacrifice to your country.

Randall McGuire




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