New London businesses help raise funds for planned Coast Guard museum

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Businesses in New London are honoring the United States Coast Guard’s 225th birthday with two fundraising campaigns with the help of New London Main Street. Restaurants and other businesses are signing up to offer “Coast Guard Cuisine” and/or “Pin-Up” opportunities. Customers are being asked to donate to the National Coast Guard Museum Association at their favorite establishments. Donors choose the amount they wish to give, write their name on a “pin-up” card, which will then be displayed at the businesses. Or, customers may order a specific item of which proceeds will benefit the effort, such as Captain Pizza’s clam chowder.

“This is a meaningful way for owners, staff and customers of New London establishments to make donations to the National Coast Guard Museum,” said Annah Perch, executive director of New London Main Street.

The campaign runs until Oct. 15. Businesses that wish to participate are asked to email or go to


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