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    Tuesday, July 16, 2024

    Dr. I has a new hero: Bill Belichick

    Idle Thoughts, while waiting for an abrupt end to Road Construction Season, the Celts to wrap it up Monday and for schools, roads and at least one airport to be named after Dan Hurley:

    • Dr. Idle, Dr. I to his close friends, would like to take back every rotten thing he’s said/written about Bill Belichick.

    Per published reports, the Hoodie, 72, is dating 24-year-old former cheerleader Jordon Hutson.

    God bless you, sir.

    Dr. I has even started a poem in Belichick’s honor:

    There once was a man named Bill;

    Who is now likely in need of a pill …

    The poem is unfinished, but off to a rousing start, if Dr. I says so himself.

    • Trivia: What starting pitcher has the most losses in Yankees’ history? (Answer below.)

    • OK. Dr. I understands he’s shoveling Shinola against the tide here.

    But can we stop the St. Francis of Assisi narrative with Hurley?

    Once again and for the last time: If the Lakers offered him the money befitting the public play they made for him, he’d have been out the door faster than Jeter got first to third.

    The Lakers’ offer was a joke. Hurley would have been roughly the sixth-highest paid coach in the NBA, nowhere near Steve Kerr ($17 million per season).

    Could you imagine Mets owner Steve Cohen pursuing Juan Soto this offseason, going, “Juan, we’re set to make you the sixth-highest paid player in baseball.”

    You are the Lakers. You have the means. You are Hollywood. And the offer, comparatively speaking, was Milwaukee. It gave St. Francis plenty of incentive to stay.

    Six years, $70 million is fine for the proletariat. Make that six years and $100 million and peace out, Storrs.

    • The significance of the Celtics’ impending title isn’t merely the title.

    It’s Celtics 18, Lakers 17.

    • Dr. I, inspired by the idea from high ranking cabinet member Sandy Barnes, will no longer say “gesundheit” when someone sneezes.

    Now he says “Bezuidenhout,” after the South African golfer Christiaan Bezuidenhout, whose last name really ought to make “gesundheit” obsolete.

    • Dr. I may start a petition to keep Ricky Ricardo as John Sterling’s permanent replacement.

    Great pipes and some personality.

    • A tip of the cap to head coach Jim Penders, assistant coach (and Waterford guy) Chris Podeszwa and UConn baseball for the run to the super regionals.

    There isn’t a harder job in college sports than coaching Div. I baseball in chilly New England, ultimately having to beat schools from warm weather ports with their (absurdly) advanced NIL deals.

    • From social media the other day: “My clothes are divided into three categories: summer, winter and in case I lose weight.”

    • Here’s wishing now former New London High basketball great Serenity Lancaster good luck at New Hampton Prep.

    Dr. I will miss Big Ren and her sense of humor.

    • It’s been a good three days since the last ceremony for Tom Brady.

    And let’s face it. Dr. I is getting withdrawal.

    • Dr. I’s recent travels took him to Connecticut outposts Woodbridge and Beacon Falls.

    What he learned: Treasure our corner of the world. Trust Dr. I on this one.

    • If LPGA golfer Bailey Tardy married former NBA player Cleanthony Early, that would make her someone who is never on time.

    (Bailey Tardy Early).

    • Dr. I wishes all the teachers out there a happy, restful summer. Thank you for all you do.

    • Is the Travelers over yet?

    • From ESPN.com: “Diana Taurasi now has 21 games with 20 or more points at age 40 or older, the most of any player in NBA or WNBA history.”

    The GOAT.

    • First Babe Ruth for “No, No, Nanette.” Then Sparky Lyle for Danny Cater. Now Alex Verdugo for three pitchers in witness protection.

    Who says Dr. I hates the Red Sox?

    • Trivia answer: Mel Stottlemyre, 139. He went 164-139 from 1964-74.

    This is the opinion of Day sports columnist Mike DiMauro

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