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    Saturday, July 20, 2024

    Dr. I: Oh, how men’s college basketball has fallen

    Idle Thoughts, while waiting for Sailfest, college football and for a national ban on hand dryers in public restrooms (who has the time to stand there?)

    • Dr. Idle, Dr. I to his close friends, would rather you not throw eggs at his house over this one.

    But the recent NBA draft illustrated the levels to which men’s college basketball has fallen.

    Six of the top 12 players picked didn’t participate in college basketball, some sounding like they ought to be the starting defensemen for the Montreal Canadiens (Zaccharie Risacher, Tidjane Salaun) instead. Duke, Carolina and Kansas have been replaced by JL Bourg-en-Bresse, G League Ignite, Cholet Basket and KK Crvzna Svezda.

    The first college player taken: a 6-2, 182-pound guard who started five of his team’s 33 games this season.

    Dr. I gets that you’re all gaga over college hoops here in Connecticut because of UConn’s success. Just understand the game has never been worse overall, despite the national media fanboys who promote the product more than cover the games.

    Maybe there are reasons beyond Caitlin Clark why the women’s ratings were higher this past season. It’s a better product.

    • Quiz: Who has the most hits in a single season for the Mets? (Answer below)

    • According to a few betting sites, the two most popular prop bets during “let’s get ready to mumble,” otherwise known as the presidential debate, were how often Biden would say "folks" and how frequently Trump would mention "fake news."

    • Sorry. But if Knicks fans think Mikal Bridges is the answer, they need a new set of questions.

    • Well, now Dr. I has seen everything.

    The Motherland (otherwise known as Italy) just lost to Switzerland in soccer (Euro ‘24).

    Switzerland. The land famous for watches, cheese and fence sitting.

    And the Azzurri no-showed.


    • Dr. I’s new favorite joke: “Sisyphus walks into the bar and orders a Rolling Rock.”

    • Dr. I was asked the other day his opinion on the greatest living baseball player, following the death of Willie Mays.

    Dr. I’s answer: Albert Pujols (3,384 hits, 703 homers).

    • The recent radio ad trumpeting SNY with the “best broadcast booth in baseball” leads Dr. I to the following conclusion:

    Liar, liar pants on fire.

    Their bitterness toward the Yankees is palpable. Which is understandable as Mets’ toadies. Just send up a flare the next time you hear Kay, Cone, O’Neill or Girardi hurl similar insults at the Mets.

    • A recent social media post got Dr. I’s attention: Will any of us live long enough to buy a second bottle of Worcestershire Sauce?

    • Dr. I learned recently that Alex Cora’s daughter will be a senior at Boston College, thus making Cora his new favorite manager.

    • Carlos Rodon: bowser.

    • Remember where you heard this one: Waterford American Legion is state championship material.

    • Just about two months away from UConn’s highly anticipated football home opener against traditional rival Merrimack.

    Per StubHub, lower bowl tickets going for as much as $17 apiece.

    • News item: Joe Castiglione, who could put coffee to sleep, wins the Ford Frick Award and makes the Baseball Hall of Fame.

    Dr. I shall now boycott Cooperstown until John Sterling gets his rightful place there.

    • Hope you didn’t have plans for the Ocean House in Westerly this weekend.

    It’s been rented out for the Christian McCaffery/Olivia Culpo wedding.

    That’s OK, though. July 18 is available for $4,595. For one night.

    • It has come to Dr. I’s attention that the University of Cincinnati has a football player named Dontay Corleone.

    So if an opponent commits a personal foul against Corleone, would he wake up next to a horse head?

    • Is LeBron’s gardener going to be on the Lakers next year, too?

    • Gilda Radner would have turned 78 on Saturday.

    A true comic genius. (And if you’ve never heard of Roseanne Roseannadanna or Baba Wawa, your education has been sadly neglected.)

    • Quiz answer: Lance Johnson (227 hits in 1996).

    This is the opinion of Day sports columnist Mike DiMauro

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