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    Sunday, July 21, 2024

    Lost: "What Kate Does": You can't teach an old dog new tricks

    In last night's episode of Lost, either a lot happened or not much happened. I can't decide.

    It was called "What Kate Does," which is, according to my new BFF Mattie C., a follow-up to the season 1 episode entitled "What Kate Did," in which we learned of Miss Austin's dysfunctional family relationships and her decision to blow up her creepy stepfather. I, of course, can't remember that far back, which is why it's good to hang around young people.

    The problem, IMHO, with "What Kate Does," is that in terms of Kate, and last night, she did what she always does. Same old, same old. Sigh.

    That said, we did have some plot advancement, most significantly the return of Jungle Claire, or, as we like to call her, Rousseau Except Blonde. We also learned that our suspicion last week that Sayid's miraculous recovery in the Temple of Whut is not necessarily a good thing is true. (Help me out, Lost-a-holics. Is the Fu Manchu Guy's name really Dadong?) Side note: Sayid's resuscitation gave Sawyer the best line of the night: "Of course he's alive. He's a torturer who shot a kid. He deserves another go."

    But back to Kate: Kate in the New Now L.A. makes her escape (as she always does) in a taxi that also includes the very-pregnant Claire. There is so much ridiculousness attached to this segment that I almost get mad: in a post-9/11 world, had an accused murderer assaulted a federal marshal and run off through an airport, the military response would've been massive and immediate. It's called a lock-down, folks. Stupid.

    The whole autobody shop guy thing was dumb too. And Kate's response to all the baby stuff in Claire's duffle was also always what Kate does: feels remorse in the wake of doing something bad. It is her Achilles heel. So she goes back — in the taxi that literally every crime fighter in L.A. is looking for — and picks her up at a bus stop.

    Then Claire discovers that the adoption is off (again, all of this is really unbelievable) and labor ensues and lo and behold look who the OB is at the hospital! It's Evil Ethan (fixed)! From the Old Island! (Also, fyi, at 36 weeks, they would totally deliver that baby.)

    We get the clue that a snippet of Old Island exists in New Now Claire's memory banks, as she blurts out Aaron's name during a very over-acted scene. "I don't know where that came from," she says afterwards. We do!

    More ridiculousness, as the cops do not turn that hospital inside out looking for Kate, and Kate and Claire part ways in L.A.

    Back on the island, Kate gets away, Sawyer gets emotional, Sayid gets tortured, Jack gets the Heimlich, Jin gets caught in a bear trap, and Claire, all smudged and tousled, returns, readies, aims and fires.

    All in all, not a very good episode, I thought. How about you?

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