Book tip: Benjamin Percy's "The Dark Net" perfect Halloween reading

The Dark Net

Benjamin Percy

It's only seven weeks till Halloween! Quick! Buy and read Percy's marvelous, inventive and eerie "The Dark Net," which is the perfect All Hallow's mood-setter. In Portland, Oregon, a driven reporter, her blind niece (whose sight has been restored by a technological miracle) and a former child evangelist are drawn together to fight a cabal with the power to summon long-dormant demons. This skill comes courtesy of the possibilities of the Dark Net, which is a bottomless collective of anonymous and regulation-resistant Internet sites where anything — ANYTHING — you can imagine is available. Hell, forget what YOU can imagine and change that to anything Dante, Crowley, Caligula or the guy who wrote "Saw" could imagine. Yes, the Dark Net really exists — and that its collective and maleficent miasma might serve as a sort of battery charger/incubator for Evil is Percy's brilliant premise. Happily, he pulls it off with disturbing ease.


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