Time for Groton to extort state?

It was with fascination I read both The Day’s editorial, “High price tag sours Groton school plan,” and Chris Powell's column, “More feckless vigils and corporate extortion” (Oct. 2). The first outlines how Groton’s School Facility Task Force has lofty expectations of Groton voters' willingness to shell out big bucks for another school building while the second decries the monetary wastefulness of state government on a myriad of programs including succumbing to corporate blackmail to keep jobs in Connecticut.

Perhaps these two concepts could be combined to the delight of everyone.

Perhaps the Groton Board of Education and its subsidiary, the Groton School Facility Task Force, should blackmail the State of Connecticut into fully financing our multi-school, multi-million-dollar project by threatening to not comply with all those unfunded state mandates that are dumped on us from Hartford; effectively leaving the state. Groton would get the schools it needs without raising property taxes and Connecticut’s government can continue to throw good money after bad. Win-Win!

Gretchen Gauthier


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