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Proud of New London for welcoming all

This is in regard to the article “Civic, faith leaders reaffirm New London’s commitment to immigrants” (Feb. 3).

Hurray for New London's political and religious leaders! Hurray for our superintendent of schools and the men and women responsible for public safety and security! I commend Mayor Michael Passero for bringing all those voices into one room to say seriously and unequivocally that refugees and immigrants are welcome in the Whaling City. I appreciate you for speaking against hatred, scapegoating and fear mongering. I am proud to call New London home and believe that everyone should have the same right to live here and contribute to this community without fear. This is a great community. Hate won't make it greater, but the kind of respect, openness and civic commitment displayed at City Hall last week will help us keep improving! 

Frida Berrigan

New London

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