Shameful that columnist used sexist term

David Collins, "Let's not let (sexism) be normalized."

In an otherwise unrealistic column, “Dear Amazon: Why not eastern Connecticut?” (Oct 6), David Collins notes the long list of government "skirt hikers" trying to entice Amazon to their region. Mr. Collins used this blatantly sexist term on the same day that The Day printed an article about NFL star Cam Newton losing endorsements because he answered a question from a female reporter saying it was funny to have a woman pose a question about football "routes," and the day after columnist Mike DiMauro got outraged when a banner greeted Old Lyme High School's soccer opponent (Morgan High) that said "OUR DEFENSE IS A WALL." Because there are a handful of Hispanics on the Morgan soccer team, use of the "Wall" term somehow made the banner racist.

Mr. Collins, you are an experienced columnist, not an NFL quarterback or teenagers making a banner that used a recognized soccer term about a team's defense. Don't you realize how much more egregious your "skirt hikers" words are than the words of Cam Newton or the banner of some high school kids? You could easily have used other words to make your point. You didn't. Shame on you David Collins!

Martin Zeldis


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