Courageously challenging Waterford's 2-party system

In these turbulent times, we need to find reasons for hope. Personally, I'm encouraged by the political activity of the Green Party. The Waterford Green Party is an inspiring example of individuals making an impact on the local level. Led by chairperson Joshua Steele Kelly and co-chairs Baird Welch-Collins and Emily Garfinkel, they are courageously challenging the two-party system in an effort to bring about positive change. They live by their ideals and are working within our political system for a just and sustainable future.

Since 2013, party members have organized grassroots actions ranging from fundraisers for Syria to cleanups of local beaches and parks. They have mounted an increasingly large slate of candidates each year. In the upcoming election, they have nine people running for office, including several who are cross-endorsed by the Democrats.

Although it is sometimes hard to imagine how progressive and socially just values will return to the political landscape nationally and internationally, I know my vote can have a noticeable effect in my local community. That's why I'm excited about the Waterford Green Party.

Check out their platform and slate of candidates at

Consider voting Green. Most of all, don’t forget to vote. Everyone can make a difference!

Ann Schenk


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