Tough challenge ahead for new Montville leaders

Connecticut has created a hostile environment for our businesses and an adversarial environment for our municipalities. Instead of controlling spending and overhead, politicians look for more money and reach a little deeper into our pockets. The buck is passed onto the local governments. Montville didn't want to see the Board of Education cut by almost a million dollars last year. Montville doesn't want our seniors to shoulder responsibilities of an irresponsible state government. The State of Connecticut left the towns no choice.

The legislature didn't look in its house for savings; they looked in your house for money. They rely on casinos for cash and wave it in front of the host towns before they jam it in their pockets and give it to Hartford. We get crumbs. Yet another $600,000 gone from our great town this year.

These next two years will be very trying for all councils and other governing bodies around the state.

Civil servants in this arena are your advocates/soldiers on dealing with these issues. They need all the help you can give. Lend them your voice, write letters to your state representatives and senators.

My gratitude to the councilors not re-elected this year. Best wishes to the ones who were.

Joseph Rogulski


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