Great recent edition showed Day's excellence

Your Nov. 18 edition was prodigiously superb. After perusing 10,000 odd Day papers I have no iota of hesitation in citing it as the most informative of them all. The front page offered incisive analyses of crucial issues, from the billions of dollars potentially allocated for Connecticut submarine industry, to the evaluation of President Trump’s vulnerability to the burgeoning sexual harassment issue.

The latter is augmented by a back-page article recalling President Clinton’s sordid sexual harassment history that has even ardent feminist Democrats re-examining their abysmal failure to hold that serial philanderer accountable for his own blatant disrespect of a woman’s inherent right to rebuff advances.

Plus there was an insightful story of presidential son-in-law Jared Kushner’s innumerable legal difficulties in the Russian interference in our 2016 election and three perspicacious letters to the editor.

With this one single effort you eloquently illustrate why The Day was cited as New England’s 2017 Newspaper of the Year. For all New London’s monumentally desperate problems, the city fortunately harbors a beacon of journalistic light brighter than any east of Manhattan. This distinction should inspire hope in all residents.

Martin Crane

New London

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