It's all about who has the power

They’re coming out of the woodwork, aren’t they? And it’s about dang time. Women know what I’m talking about, right? (#MeToo) And men are finally catching on. The good ones, anyway. The rest have already known because they’re the perpetrators. 

But what defines sexual harassment? Is it language? Is it physical touching? Is it perceived threats? What one woman sees as playful another sees as harassment. What’s a guy to do? How should he know? Well, I’ll tell ya. It’s about the relationship, stupid. Always was, always will be. In all things, whether it’s your co-worker, the attendant in the coffee shop, your intern, a fan, the woman next to you in the photograph, whatever. And further, in that relationship, it’s who has the power, whether it’s social, political, physical – doesn’t matter. If you’ve got power you’ve got a responsibility to not abuse it. Do you know her well enough? Will your actions make her feel uncomfortable or threatened? 

Common decency should tell a man when he’s crossed the line. Does it really need spelling out in every single instance with every single woman? So when in doubt, DON’T. And if you’re not sure, try this on − would you want someone to do this to your daughter?

Lisa Picarazzi

East Lyme


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