Short-term gains, long-term disaster

Finally the tax bill was passed and the economy appears to be improving. Instead of proliferating this achievement, the president made it crucial to point out he was getting nothing from decreasing corporation taxes by 14 percent, saving the wealthiest people of the country millions every year. Sorry Donald, unlike you, most of the U.S. population are educated enough to know a falsehood.

According to MSNBC, President Trump on average has made 5-plus falsehoods in his daily pronouncements since he took office. The world is probably finding this humorous and reflects on how they feel about the people he’s attempting to lead.

He calls the reporting from renowned news foundations fake news. Perhaps in Donald's alternative universe where a bigot, molester, bully, nemesis, liar, thief and greedy person have opposite meanings, fake news is real news.

Perhaps the economy (which was already improving) will improve quicker from the corporation tax cuts, but how can it last as resources dwindle, pollution increases from cut regulations and it adds to the national debt? Apparently Donald cannot think ahead of the future he’s leaving his grandchildren.

Donald, you tried it your way, but do the U.S. and the world a favor and resign. 

Steven A. Birt


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