Forget Trump taxes, investigate the Clintons

Two of the many things I like about President Trump are "See those guys over there? if any one of them becomes president they will owe favors but if I become your president I will only owe the American people." The other promise continues to be "Make America Great Again." How can any real American go against that?

As the Trump haters continue the rant "let's see his taxes," let’s go back to the Clinton days. Marc Rich was indicted for evading $48 million in federal taxes and selling illegal oil to America's enemy, Iran. Rich bolted to Switzerland to escape a long prison term. Bill Clinton, in his last hours as president, pardoned Rich with no explanation.

To add to this Denise Rich, the fugitive's former wife, gave Clinton's library in Little Rock and the Democratic Party close to $1 million in cash. Rich's wealthy friend Beth Dozoretz, a major contributor to Hillary Clinton's senatorial campaign, refused to testify in front of a congressional committee investigating the Rich pardon.

In 2002, President Bush announced he wanted all presidential pardon records kept secret for 75 years. The Justice Department continues to investigate these matters. For eight years president Barack Obama remained mum. Who's kidding who?

Harold T. Moreash


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