Stands by 'no' vote on Groton charter changes

What is the problem with Groton’s government?

To all registered voters of Groton, the previous council voted "no' as to whether or not the draft presented went to the voters. The draft had pros and cons. As presented, in my opinion, it did not clearly answer the problem. As a previous councilor, I stand by my no vote. 

The town may have an encumbering governmental process, but it’s one based on checks and balances while representing all districts. The council and RTM have reduced town operating expenses by 5.5 percent (2017) and 1.6 percent (2018). Keep in mind the council only controls one-third of the town’s budget while the Board of Education controls the remainder. The BOE has a state-imposed minimum budget requirement that limits their ability to reduce the school budget. 

What is the problem? We have a revenue problem. Relying heavily on state funding has been dicey and unreliable. We need to focus on economic development; not restructuring our town government. Build the tax base, streamline our schools, strengthen our community ties between districts and in so doing, create the synergy that will allow our town to grow without the dependency on state revenue.

Our Town Charter is not the problem; revenue is. 

Deb Peruzzotti


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