NRA money rolls in as bodies pile up

Republicans in the U.S. House and Senate have refused to pass any gun control legislation despite the total 2018 incidents as of Feb. 17 is 6,712 and the number of deaths is 1,856, of which 428 are children under 17 , killed in the U.S., counted by the Gun Violence Archive, a nonprofit organization formed in 2013 to keep track of accurate information.

The Republicans in Congress are hoping for as much gun violence as possible as it adds to their personal coffers! Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House, will not even allow gun control legislation to be brought up for a vote.

With 1,856 gun deaths, more Americans are buying guns, giving the NRA a profit that in turn is paid to House and Senate Republicans as contributions to not pass any gun control legislation. Which leads to more gun violence and more contributions from the NRA.

If an estimated $250,000 is given to each Republican member of the House and Senate that comes out to $134.70 per dead body. A tidy sum to look the other way each time someone decides to wipe out a section of our society.

These Republicans must not have any mirrors in their homes or offices. 

Rick Sherman

New London

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