Rep. Courtney likes his big guns, too

Why are politicians surprised by the weaponization of our culture? Americans just took the lead from our politicians. Politicians, like Rep. Joe Courtney, fight every year for more weapons' contracts even though we spend more on weapons than the next five nations combined. Of course there is going to be a trickle down to our population. This is the military industrial complex we live in, created by our politicians' stances now being mirrored by the culture.

Local Democrats may not be backed by the NRA, but they might as well be. They approve unnecessary weapons, ever bigger and more destructive. Recognizing we have more nuclear weapons than we will ever need, Massachusetts Sen. Ed Markey introduced the “Smarter Approach to Nuclear Expenditures Act” to reduce the number of nuclear-armed submarines operated by the Navy,  and prohibit the development of new long-range penetrating bomber aircraft. His bill would also prohibit the procurement of new intercontinental ballistic missiles. This would free up over a $1 trillion over the next 30 years for things like education and infrastructure.

Three senators and 11 representatives co-sponsored this bill, none from Connecticut. It seems as if overzealous gun owners are not the only people who want to keep their weapons. 

Philip Brose


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