PC complainers try to ruin our Christmas

I'm not a politically correct person and proud of it. The nonsense regarding Christmas shows and music is totally ridiculous. Did we not all survive and enjoy "Rudolph the Reindeer", "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" and the song "Baby, it's Cold Outside"?

Now we have all these ding-a lings trying to stop the enjoyment. OK, Rudolph does get bullied − so make it a positive lesson. You can show how bullying hurts. So in Charlie Brown Thanksgiving the one black character, Franklin, is sitting by himself on one side of the table. Did Charlie Brown say that was all of his family that was coming?

Get real people, these cartoons were made in the '60s, in an innocent time. I bet your children never even noticed. The song "Baby it's Cold Outside" is about a man pleading with his girlfriend to stay. Now, because of liberals, it's a dirty song. Give it up. You'd think these folks could use their energy in a truly positive way.

Have you ever seen the TV show SWAT, Chicago PD or any other violent television shows? I believe cartoons and a song featured once a year are better than guns, murders and violence once a week. 

Jo-Ann Arcara Craddoc



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