Popular vote compact should remain law

I am disappointed that there are already three bills filed to withdraw us from the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. These bills are an insult to the over 672,000 voters in this state who voted for the president in 2016, only to watch Secretary Hillary Clinton get all seven of the state's electoral votes. The bill sponsors claim that the compact keeps us from electing the candidate of our choice, but the reality is that the current winner-take-all system caused those 672,000 votes and millions more nationwide to be rendered irrelevant. No wonder turnout was so low. The compact gives voters a reason to show up, but these three bills send the message that you should stay home.

Imagine a candidate who had to work for the votes of Republicans and unaffiliated in Connecticut and elsewhere. Imagine your vote not getting ignored just because you happen to be outnumbered by Democrats in your state. We can count all the votes now, and all the votes should count.

I for one would like to see campaigns that win by actually appealing to voters nationwide instead of by ignoring them in all but a few states.

Jacob Hurt



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